2020 Christmas Cards

“Christmas is the day that holds all time together.” –Alexander Smith

2020 Fashion

I feel like this could ONLY be a 2020 thing because my Christmas cards this year were interesting to say the least. As in mine got messed up not once, but twice and I STILL do not have the originals. I ended up having to go to TWO different paces, because the first one lost my order, and then I wouldn’t get it in time. Oy vey! Oh well. Like I said, 2020. And there really are bigger problems to be stressed over then messed up cards, in the grand scheme of things. 


It IS the thought that counts right? 

I always hand write my cards, despite my handwriting being chicken scratch. And I love picking out the perfect card each year. While many people do photo collages, I will take photos and then add them to the cards. This year I ended up having to get creative because, I didn’t want duplicates of the same pictures. 


The Card

Christmas cards are expensive! Which is why I always buy cards end of season for the following year. Finding skating cards are always so difficult to find even when not shopping sales, but last year I lucked out and found the perfect skating card. Which also happens to be close to my heart as a former ice skater. While skating isn’t JUST a Christmas activity, it is one that a lot of people partake in this time of year.


This card shows an old fashioned skate on it which I LOVE, for the nostalgia factor cause NO ONE is landing triples in those old thangs! On the front it says “May your Holidays be Merry & Bright.” On the inside it has “Wishing you peace and joy this holiday season,” which I think is appropriate given the year it has been. We could all use more joy and peace! As I mentioned above, I then write a personal note, and a positive outlook which I think we ALL need this year!


The Picture 

So the picture I was going to send is a little different then the one I ended up sending. WAY back in October I had taken pictures at Kettle Cove and Two Lights, complete with Santa hat and red high heels. And yes, I did get some looks, but oh well, I didn’t want to be freezing, when I took my pics! Been there DEFINITELY done that.


I truly loved how they came out and the outfit I picked and who knows MAYBE I will save them for next year, (you never know!) since the company I used did resend them. (I just won’t ge them until Christmas Eve) I guess I just shouldn’t grow my hair out or dye it…kidding….kinda.


Since that order got messed up, I ended up going to Walmart, which was also delayed because their machine broke. The pictures also came out super dark. Which they did not look like that on the computer, so like I said it really was a 2020 thing. 


That said, I decided to go with some of my early Blogmas pics I took at the beginning of the season. They were much more causal and yes 2020-esque. I can’t say I hate either look, they are just different vibes, one being very 2020 and the other being well, me.  


Snail Mail

I am still in the midst of writing my cards. It has taken me a little longer, but I can not wait to send them out! Nothing is better then snail mail in my opinion, and I feel like this year especially we all need all the cheer we can get, and receiving snail mail in my opinion, is the epitome of cheer. 


Are you doing Christmas Cards this year? Did you pay homage to 2020 or do a more professional style?

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  1. I love sending handwritten Christmas cards out every year (and my handwriting is horrible too)! I think it’s important to put the effort into making sure your people know they’re special!

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