Festive Nails

“May your nails be merry and bright” ~ Tammy Taylor

A Good Manicure

Nothing beats a GREAT mani-pedi except maybe a festive nail! As a teenager slash young adult, (think early twenties) I was all about an awesome manicure. In fact I had what some would call daggers, my nails were NATURALLY (Something I was extremely proud of) long, and definitely on the pointy side. And I was ALWAYS rocking some crazy color, despite working in the culinary business. My daggers were ME and if I didn’t have my nails done something was wrong with me. In fact my manicurist, who has been doing my nails since before I moved to New York, and I were reminiscing about that the last time she did my nails.


As I got older or perhaps the maturity and poshness of New York and in particular the Upper East Side rubbed off on me, I began to cut my daggers to a more manageable typing length (though I still can’t type with short nails) and mute my crazy colors to more neutrals. I didn’t even have to have my nails painted all the time, though they did have to be square and daily long. When I did paint them, I fell in love with the crispness and chicness of a good French manicure though glitter on top for a pop of dazzle or a stripe of silver for a bit of uniqueness did happen on occasion.



While my talons might have become a little more neutral and not always painted, my toes always have to be. As a former figure skater, and a runner it is a must. My feet are so beat up (and have had surgeries) that I need something to detract from the scars and blisters, not to mention I love going barefoot. If my finger nails are not painted, I will go crazy with color on my toes, otherwise I always try to match my mani and pedi.


Festive Nails

While my manicures have become tamer over the years, I still love to get crazy, or perhaps it is just being festive, around the holidays. Nothing screams Christmas more then a merry red or bright glittery evergreen manicure/pedicure. Over the years I have painted my nails the whole Christmas rainbow spectrum from red to green to gold and ALL sparkle, to be the most festive. 


I also am obsessed with designs this time of year. My manicurist, Katie Nails, who has been doing my nails for years, is insanely talented when it comes to designs. She has painted everything from snowflakes, to Christmas Trees to poinsettias and has even done snowmen. 


Originally, for this year, I was going to go with green (which I did do on my toes) and a design, but Katie convinced me to go with an ombre-esque look that reminds me of trees covered in fresh snow and I am obsessed! They are so festive with their sparkle and are not only perfect for the holiday season, but also unique. And while I may not be seeing a lot of people, they definitely are a conversation starter, at least on my Zoom calls! 


Do you like manicures and pedicures? Do you paint your nails for the holidays? 

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